Revolution Runway ’25 at the Dusable Museum Advanced
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Revolution Runway Chicago
is a premiere fashion event showcasing some of the hottest and fashion forward designers in America.
In 2023, 1911 Initiative’s efforts connected diverse talents and local partnerships to help us in our mission of prioritizing students. $5,000 in scholarships were provided through grass roots efforts and small dollar donations from people like you. Help us continue those efforts this year by supporting our initiatives as we march towards our goal of raising $20,000 for scholarships for Chicago students.
In 2025, we look forward to nurturing a more purposeful mission addressing essential membership needs, and furthering our commitment to the growth and evolving needs of our college bound students
2025 is going to be spectacular! Advanced Pre-Sale tickets will be available soon. There will be limited seating.

It’s Gonna Be…A Stone Cold Groove!”

2024 Featured Designers

JM Loga new

J’en is a Chicago fashion designer, upcycler, vintage clothing collector
and lover of all things sustainable. Born and raised in Chicago, her
designs have graced runway shows for Sustainable Fashion Week in
NYC, Atlanta Sustainable Fashion Week, Brooklyn Fashion Week and
Chicago Fashion Showcase at the Museum of Contemporary Art.
J’en uses discarded textiles to create each garment. Denim, men’s shirts,
suits and even pre-loved leathers are repurposed to create amazing
fashion pieces.
Prepare to enter into the creative transformation of recycled and
reassembled artistic creations by Chicago’s own J’en Mai Designs

The Girl Goodies brand offers both services and goods. Services vary from closet organizing, to personal shopping, to personal styling. In addition we are the seller of female vintage goods. The Girl Goodies mission is to educate and inspire our clients on the importance of image and how it affects daily life experiences. Girl Goodies is derived from a psycho-social model that all things work together either for the common good or the bad. In our world, image and psychosocial well being go hand in hand. Join the brand and enhance your lifestyle. Girl Goodies is a Image Consulting business located center city of Chicago.

A simple soul. A complex heart. Vintage renaissance style. Reared on the spices of the Caribbean and Southern gumbo. Brooklyn bred. Long Island lingo. Chicago chops. Ever curious. Trying to love green grass. Often gets lost in blue skies. Waking up thankful. Closing eyes prayerful. Looking to spend a lifetime seeking love in all of Gods creations.  I humbly admit, wasn’t born with hands gifted to translate the soft hues of orange, red and gold as seen on a beautiful horizon; then aptly apply gracious lines onto a once blank canvas; my mind is not inspired to create images that evoke emotions of pain, happiness, love or curiosity. My hands don’t feel clay and seek to mold and shape; my eyes don’t capture the stillness of dew. I can only recall the times when I have experienced the beauty of assured style and have become overwhelmed with an experience that conjures all of your sense to respond. Simply put, I believe with ‘aplomb’ love, breathes life.

They Need Your Help!

1911 Initiative ® has assisted college bound teens, by providing financial stipends and scholarships through it’s non-profit partners, to alleviate student burdens at the beginning of their college careers.

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