The 1911 Initiative

What We Do

The 1911 Initiative® provides support to local organizations that address the needs of Chicagoland youth and their families. We believe that success in education begins at home, and we ardently work to ensure that students’ basic needs and higher education goals are met and achieved. Our mission is to disrupt the inequitable social constructs that plague our disenfranchised Chicagoland youth and young adults, providing them opportunities to excel educationally, and to equip them as leaders who will further elevate our communities. We partner with local non-profits who directly address the needs of our young scholars by providing educational scholarships, mentoring opportunities and basic needs fulfillment. Through our social event fundraisers, we bring our brothers and sisters together to party with the purpose of uplifting future generations of positive social impactors through support of our community partners.


— We Invest in people not companies

The 1911 Initiative ® and A STONE COLD GROOVE! ® are not interested in handing out scholarships for the sake of doing so. We want to find individuals and non-profit organizations who have a desire to become change makers for their communities. These candidates are carefully interviewed and vetted to make sure their desires match their work ethic.

As we all know, financial assistance can be difficult to come by and is often given to those who already have built in avenues for success. We want to make
sure those who are the beneficiaries for our assistance are making their presences known not in only in the classroom but with communal sweat equity.


— We Develop Change Makers

We are aware of the current image of what success looks like in most communities of color and those which are depressed. We know the American Dream is alive and well in the United States, but it has been colored to resemble one view point.

The 1911 Initiative ® aims to disrupt that narrative by instilling the strength of desire in every one of our scholarship recipients.


— We Create Platforms which drives Desire

We launched our initiative so aspiring students anywhere in Illinois can think differently, learn collaboratively and join a community of learners and doers who possess a burning desire to change the
world through activism and participation and who pledge to pay that blessing forward.

Our aim is to help future leaders with the skills, determination and moral imagination to challenge the status quo by offering them the space to critically think about their circumstances and combine that with a much-needed support system and knowledge base so they can begin to unlock their full potential and drive social change through education.